Sep 10, 2012

Are you thinking of importing from China, or planning to start your own import export business because if you are going to the Canton Fair 2013 it’s one of the most logical steps you can make as an importer. Upon entering the Canton Fair there are tens of thousands of stalls and booths where Chinese suppliers and Chinese factories will engage your business. Everything from bicycles, textiles and clothing, footwear, building materials, and every other product on the planet you will find and connect with the supplier and factory at the Canton Fair 2013.

It’s quite simple to attend the Canton Fair 2013. To go over there you will need to apply for Visa to China, this is called an invitation application which is essentially you are registering to become an overseas buyer. It’s essential that you get registered and that you get your badge to the Canton Fair. When applying for your Chinese Visa for the Canton Fair you will need information such as your name, nationality and company and many other details. There are many products on display at the Canton Fair so before heading over be sure what product or what industry you plan on attending all different phases isn’t necessary. For example below is a rough guide of which phase and which products are combined. Phase one is electronics, appliances, lighting equipment, vehicles and spare parts, machinery, hardware and tools, building materials, and chemical products. In phase two is consumer goods, gifts, home decorations. In phase three is textiles and garments, shoes, office supplies cases bags and recreation, medicines and medical devices and health, food.

As you can see there are many different phases and products and be sure that if you are attending the Canton Fair 2013 that you attend the correct phase.

I hope this information helps you to plan on heading over to the Canton Fair 2013 and the China Import Export Fair 2013. If you want assistance we are happy to assist you please contact our office now we can even arrange visas and invitations to be set up for you and much more.